Dianese Gulf

Ligurian Inland: a succession of shelves of olive trees and  scented, varied mediterranean vegetation.

Cervo 02

Climate, as all around Western Liguria, is very mild. Diano Marina, situated on the coast along Via Aurelia, represents the most important tourist seaside resort of this area, and it has beeen for centuries the natural access to the sea for Diano Castello, the ancient feudal centre owned historically by the committee of Albenga and then by Clavesana marquess. From Diano Marina you can reach the immediate inland following the flow of San Pietro stream, discovering natural spots which will allow you to understand completely the beauy of Liguria, stuck between sea and hills.

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A land already inhabited in distant ages, as it has been verified thanks to the discovery of lots of archaeological artifacts. Situated on a hill, in a dominant position, we find the beautiful inner city of Diano Castello.

Moreover, still following the stream you can find historical towns such as Diano San Pietro, Diano Arentino and Diano Evigno, all small towns characterised by ancient churches of great value, dating back to a period that goes from the XII to the XVII century, full of works of art of great interest for passionate people.

Throughout Middle Ages these small towns developed not so far away from the sea because of the terrible threat of raids of Saracenic pirates.


Cervo San Bartolomeo_02

Cervo represents the greatest natural attraction of the entire dianese area. A real historical-architectural jewel situated on a strategic spur, just above the sea, it stands out against the blue sky. Cervo is rich in history and works of art. From here you can enjoy a breath-taking panorama. In summer, during lukewarm evenings, the small town turns into the natural stage for the prestigious Festival di Musica da camera.



San Bartolomeo al Mare can’t be forgotten too: it’s a quiet seaside resort on the coast near the mouth of Steria stream. In San Bartolomeo inland, finally, the peculiar and quaint medieval town Villa Faraldi is worth a visit.