Sanremo and Surroundings

showimages.phpSanremo is the fourth ligurian town for population. One of the most important tourist resort, it owes its celebrity to the Casinò and to the Festival della Canzone Italiana. It has been discovered by the international tourism since the second half of the 19th century. In the last years the town has been relaunched thanks to the cycling lane, one of the longest in Europe, which goes through the coast up to San Lorenzo al Mare, built on the layout for the old railroad.

Ospedaletti, in western Liguria, is a quiet town, a typical seaside resort for families. From Arma di Taggia, another seaside resort rich in tourist attractions, bars and restaurants, you can reach Taggia and the charming Valle Argentina, which leads to the Alps, where there is Saccarello, the highest mountain in Liguria.
Sanremo_giardini villa Ormond_02Every town is worth a visit: Taggia boasts centuries of history and has a cloister from which benedictine monks spread the plantation of the taggiasca olive, which takes the noun from the town, churches and medieval palaces. Badalucco, famous for its oil and murals. Montaldo, characterised by slate gates. Carpasio and the lavender museum. Triora, splendid medieval town famous for witchcraft practice. Finally, Realdo and Verdeggia, overlooked by Saccarello, two alpine towns of unique and uncontaminated beauty.

Nearby Sanremo there are also Baiardo, ancient celtic village, Ceriana, characterised by quaint carruggi, Bussana Vecchia, destroyed by the earthquake, now international artistic resort, San Romolo, which is the perfect destination for short trips thanks to its meadow, especially in summer, when along the coast the heat becomes unbearable.